To explore plant life cycles, we made our own ‘baggie gardens’. To do this, we needed a ziplock bag, paper towel and seeds. We got radish ...

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Plant Life Cycles.


In Maths, we are learning about place value and identifying the value of large numbers. Mrs Jones gave us 4 pieces of paper. On the first, we had to w...

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Ordering Numbers


We made some little aliens to keep us company in Ground Control 5/6. We were inspired by these ‘Lil love monsters’.┬áHere is Sophie’...

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Little Aliens!


We were inspired by these monster bookmarks to make our own alien versions! What do you think?...

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Alien Bookmarks!


We have been learning about rotational and reflective symmetry. To demonstrate our understanding of rotational symmetry, Mrs Jones gave us 8 wedges of...

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Rotational Symmetry Art Lesson


We have been exploring line symmetry in Maths. To demonstrate our knowledge of line symmetry, Miss Lavars set us a challenge… Using Microsoft Wo...

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Alphabet Symmetry


Here are the links to the dance routines for the concert: See if you can come up with your own routines! See you next term...

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Concert Dance Routines


We have written some wonderful Haiku poems. We each chose an animal and kept it secret. Then we wrote a Haiku poem about our animal, without revealing...

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Haiku Poetry