Welcome Back!

The first term has gone by so quickly! And what a fantastic term it has been with Grade 4/5 class, especially our new grade 4 students! Keep checking into our blog next term because we will be posting about all of the exciting things we get up to! See you soon :)



When we were learning about poetry, we had the opportunity to publish some beautiful calligrams.

A calligram is a poem, in the shape of the object of what the poem is about. We all picked a different object each and wrote a free verse poem about the object.

We then drew an outline of our topic, and filled the outline with our creative poetry.

What do you think?

Amazing Angles

We are learning about angles. We have learnt that there are different types of angles; acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex. We thought of great ways to remember which type of angle was which!

Then we went outside and had a competition; who could find the most angles around our school? There was a rule – you must find at least one of each type to be eligible!

We could see angles everywhere we looked! Look around you now…can you see any?

All Types of Energy!

We have been learning about electricity and energy in Science. This week, we learned about the different types of energy, where they come from and what they are used for. We watched these videos her, from the Origin Energy website:


After that, we had to label a map of Australia, with where we thought hydro stations, wind power stations and solar power stations would go. We compared our answers with this map here:

Some of us were close, some of us were not so close!

Why do you think the different stations are placed in different locations?

A special post by Ella.

Today I bought in my aboriginal flag for Humanities.  Alot of famous people signed it, like Cathy Freeman, Archie Roach and Banner Laurie (the lead singer of coloured stones.)

Archie Roach is an aboriginal singer and Cathy freeman is one REALLY famous aboriginal Olympian!

This flag is really important to our family. It represents who we are! By Ella.