In our writing lessons, we have been writing Explanations. We all thought of 3 topics each and wrote them on a Post-it note. We displayed our topics, ...

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In ICT, we have been exploring all of the different programs that Edustar offers. In groups of 3, the students composed a tutorial, with the proposed ...

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Edustar Tutorials


We are learning about equivalent fractions in Maths. For a group activity, each student was given three different fractions, some proper, some mixed a...

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Equivalent Fractions


Today we had a great time teaching the Grade 4/5 students about how we run our ‘Book Wars’ program, which is our Reciprocal Reading progra...

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Book Wars


Miss Lavars put a variety of weights in ice-cream containers so we couldn’t see how much was in each one. We put our hefting skills to use, pred...

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Mysterious Mass.


We have been learning about synonyms. As a group, we listed boring and tired words that we often use in our writing. Some examples are sad, happy, nic...

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To make our Symmetrical Name Aliens, we folded our A4 paper in half. We wrote our name across the crease, then copied it so it reflected onto the othe...

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Symmetrical Name Aliens!


To explore plant life cycles, we made our own ‘baggie gardens’. To do this, we needed a ziplock bag, paper towel and seeds. We got radish ...

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Plant Life Cycles.

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