Every few Fridays, a class from the Ballarat Specialist School come in and we have lots and lots of fun.

We made giant cut-out cardboard people in groups. They are in the new building.

We also had a games day when we played Octopus and Bang Bang. It was fun to learn new games.

Even the dogs Cooper and Charlie came too!

We also had a Scavenger Hunt, which Abby, Brandon and Natasha won.

Ballarat Specialist School Visits! on PhotoPeach

One thought on “Ballarat Specialist School Visits.

  1. To miss lavars,
    i love when the specialist school visets
    it is so so fun when are they going to viset again
    do you know when they are going to come again?
    but I know I think that tara has to come
    back from her holiday.
    Doesent she!!!!!
    it sounds like she is having fun up there
    I whis I could have a big holiday:):)like that!!!
    from Zoe

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