Paul came to visit our school on Monday the 1st of Ausgust.

He talked to us about going to the USA to play NFL football.

He showed us how to kick an NFL football and how far he could kick.

He was a really big kick. He is going to be the punter for his team in the USA. He went into all the classes to talk about it. He taught us about when you are kicking the ball how to hold it and when you kick off the tee you have to run up. -Josh.

I had a kick. It was fun. – Ella

We gave him cards and asked him questions about what he will do when he goes to the USA. -Amber

We gave him cards to wish him luck. – Kath.

We had alot of crafty cards. -Brandon.

Visit from Paul Jones on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “Visit from Paul Jones.

  1. Dear Paul jones
    we had a great day having a kick of the football it was fun when you kicked it really far

    From Rhys

  2. I hope you have a good time in the USA i hope you have fun:)
    i hope you meat some mates up there

  3. Great kicking Paul. I hope you have a good game of football in the USA. From Zac & Nanna

  4. Hi Zac, Caden and Trina!
    How exciting to see you have visited our class page and left a comment. Thank you, we love receiving comments!
    We love to see how Paul is going over in the USA. We even want to make a Voki of Paul. Have you made a Voki before? Follow the link in our Link list to make one, they’re heaps of fun!
    From Grade 2/3 Napoleons Primary School.

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