In Maths, we are learning about measurement, and we measured peoples body parts in class. We worked in pairs. -Josh

I was partnered with Riley, one of the grade threes. We got to measure lots of things. We made and used a paper tape measure.   -Aimee

When we measure accurately, we always have to have the 0 at the start.   -Amber

We did not use rulers because if you use a normal ruler it wont work because it doesn’t bend.  -Jemma

Measuring Body Parts on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “Measuring Body Parts

  1. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I went onto the class blog on the weekend. It’s great 🙂
    From Cy

  2. Hi Cy!
    I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m so glad you found the time to come one here and comment, well done!
    See you tomorrow!
    Miss Lavars.

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