On the weekend Cy, Zoe, Ella and Josh showed their family the class blog! They even left some comments for our class too.

Well done! It’s great to see you sharing the blog with your family members. Keep up the good work. ūüôā

8 thoughts on “Super Star Bloggers!

  1. Dear Miss Lavars,
    Our blog is good. I just had a look at more of our slid shows.:)
    From Cy

  2. Dear miss Lavars,
    i love our blog!!! It is very very cool!!!
    From Tilly!

  3. dear Miss Lavars,
    I’ll bring in the dancing eyes and show the class!!!!
    from aimee.

  4. Well done Grade 2/3! You have done such a fantastic job so far ūüôā

  5. this is the most awesome website ever, would be better if there was more Bombers stuff on there

  6. I agree with you Adam! Go Bombers! Too bad about Sunday’s game!
    Miss Lavars

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