Caitlyn - Star of the Week AND birthday girl!
Caitlyn – Star of the Week AND birthday girl!

This week our Star of the Week and Birthday girl is Caitlyn. It is her birthday tomorrow and she turns nine!

Cailtyn was chosen for Star of the Week for her fantastic work on Story Bird. Check out some of her stories on here and keep an eye out for some new ones coming very soon. Well done Caitlyn! Keep up the good work!

10 thoughts on “Birthday AND the Star of the Week! Wow!

  1. Dear Miss Lavars
    Good work on beinning star of the week and learner of the day well done.
    From Josh

  2. Dear Caitlyn,
    Happy brithday and well done for being star of the week. wow!
    From Cy

  3. To Caitlyn,
    it is good of you to get a birthday aword
    and Star of the week OR BY THE WAY YOUR BIRTHDAY WAS AWESOME I loved the choclate founten it was
    so cool
    from Zoe

  4. A chocolate fountain? Where was my invitation? :O
    Just joking! I hope you had a great party Caitlyn!
    Miss L

  5. Dear Caitlyn,
    it was very strage to have a birthday and boing star of the week.
    From Cy

  6. Dear Miss Lavars,
    At my party there were NO theachers alowed,SOOOOO sorry.I injoyed my self and LOVED the chocelet fountan.The people I invited were Abby,Tilly,Chloe,Zoe and Amiee.We watched Hotal For Dogs and Good Boy.They were GREAT!!:)
    From Caitlyn at Napoleons.

  7. Hi Caitlyn,
    I can’t believe you would have a party where teachers are not allowed! I will have to tell the other teachers at school! They will not be impressed! ūüėČ
    I’m glad you had a great time, it sounds like a fabulous party!
    Miss Lavars.

  8. Dear Caitlyn,
    Do you know why you got star of the week? I’ve got star of the week before. Great job on getting star of the week keep up the good work.
    From Rhys

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