Here is Aimee’s voki she created all by herslef as well! Well done Aimee!
Miss Lavars may have also snuck in a few things for Jet to say when Aimee wasn’t looking 😉

6 thoughts on “Aimee’s Voki

  1. Aimee – how wonderful to see you thanking someone else for leaving a comment! You have wonderful cyber manners. 🙂
    Miss Lavars

  2. Hi Miss Lavars,
    Cool Blog it’s going well,
    I’m just on to say I won’t be here on Monday becuase I’m going to Bathurst!
    Our van has all the back seats out so we can sleep
    I hope it will be fun

    P.S Goood Job Aimee

  3. Hi Noah,
    Wow! Have a great trip to Bathurst, I can’t wait to hear your stories when you return. 🙂
    How have the rest of you holidays been?
    See you back at school!
    Miss Lavars.

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