How have you been spending your holidays?

Chloe from our class, and Ada and Estelle who also go to our school have been dancing up a storm at the South Street ballet competitions!

Royal South St Ballet Eistedfod on PhotoPeach

They are students at Anita Coutts School of Dancing, a wonderful ballet school in Ballarat, where Miss Lavars used to go when she was a little girl. Be sure to visit their website here!

6 thoughts on “Royal South Street Eistedfod

  1. I didn’t know that you use to go there Gabbie!!! That sounds like fun

  2. Hi Tanisha!
    I’m so excited to see your comment on the blog! How are your holidays going?
    Yes I used to do ballet at South St, it was alot of fun!
    Miss Lavars ūüôā

  3. Dear Chole,
    Did you have fun at ballet?
    I hope you did!
    Did the fake eyelashes hurt when you got them off?
    From Aimee.

  4. dear Chloe,
    you and your friend’s look wonderful in your Ballet cloth’s! From Tilly!

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