In Maths we are learning about equivalent fractions. We started by cutting a piece of paper in half. Then we cut them more into more equal parts, and tried to figure how many parts also equaled one half. From that we could tell what other fractions were equivalent to one half. We even figured out some equivalent fractions to one third and one quarter. Here are some photos:
Equivalent Fractions on PhotoPeach

What do you know about equivalent fractions?

Tell me some equivalent fractions you know!

9 thoughts on “Equivalent Fractions

  1. to miss lavars
    how did you go at calming kids down at maths
    i think you did not go well it was cool the clip
    from jackson

  2. To miss lavars,
    I like our blog
    you know alot of things about
    our blog
    from Zoe!!!

  3. To miss lavars,
    I herd my place is on this weekend
    From Zoe

  4. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I know alot about fraction’s. There is 1/1, 1/2, 5/10. I hope we do fun thing’s for maths. If we do maths will be my best thing we do in class! I think time was fun as well because I learnt how to tell the time really well. I know that 1 half is the same of 4 eighth’s. Maths is really fun. I know alot about equivalent fraction’s. What do you know about equivalent fraction’s? Do you like maths as well? I love learning about maths. Can you do a lot of maths? I know heap’s about maths. Do you know lot’s about maths? I love maths. Do you like maths as well? I super duper love it. In maths when we were learning about fractions I was in the grade 1/2 room. We did lot’s of cool stuff like games and lots more! Maths is awesome!!!!!!
    From Cy

  5. dear miss lavars,
    I love to learn about fratactions.
    Did you like learning about fratactions?
    From Abby
    P.S The blog is awesome!

  6. Dear class
    Good job in Maths. Did you have fun? I did.What type of stuff did you do? We made a fraction walls.
    from jemma

  7. Hi Cy,
    Another wonderful comment! Fantastic work.
    I love Maths too! I loved it in school. It was great fun.
    Miss L

  8. Hi Jackson,
    I’m glad you liked the clip! The kids were a little noisy during Maths, I think they were having a great time and kept giggling! 🙂
    Miss L

  9. Is it Zoe? Are you going to watch it? It’s a great show!
    Miss Lavars

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