Today was also Walk to School Day! What a busy day for Napoleons Primary School.

Walk to School Day on PhotoPeach

How do you get to school?

What could you do if you live too far away from school to walk there?

8 thoughts on “Walk to School Day

  1. To miss Lavars,
    I have got my dancing photos this weekend
    it is Sateruday I hope I wiil have fun but i do get very hungry because it takes hours an d hours.Im sad that I missed out on walt to school day it lookes like yous had alot of fun I can not really walk to school any way because we would have to walk down a big hill!!!! What have yous been doing? while I was away!!Because it lookes like yous have been having alot of fun
    From Zoe

  2. Dear Miss. Lavars,
    I hope every – won had fun on the walk to school day.
    I had a lot of fun onthe walk to school day!!!
    The photos that you took are awsome!!! Walk to school days’s are good for you because they can help you get fit. From Tilly!:)

  3. To miss lavars,
    Can you please tell me who was the
    leaner of the day tuesday and wensday
    From Zoe
    P.S nica talking to you

  4. Dear class
    welldone for ridding or walking to school.
    It is so good that you walked to school.
    Is it fun walking to school? I think it would be.
    from Jemma

  5. Hi Zoe!
    I hope you have a great time at your dancing photos – I remember when I had my photos taken for ballet when I was little, it was so fun!
    Yesterday we had a really busy day for Walk to School Day and lots of other things! What a busy day!
    Miss L

  6. Dear miss lavars it is good that you took a photo of the children it is cool you are cool.
    from Kath.

  7. To miss lavarsThank you for
    reaplying to me
    from Zoe:):)

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