The winner - Will

The winner - Will

What do you think banking will be like in the future?

That is the question the students of the Grade 2/3 class had to answer. Students were asked to create something that communicated an idea of what they think banking will be like in the future.

The competition was very close. Our winner was Will,  Chloe came second and Caitlyn came third. Congratulations to all entrants!

Banking for the Future on PhotoPeach

3 thoughts on “Banking for the Future Competition

  1. Dear Will,
    Great job on winning the bank comp i hope you had a great time doing the comp? Your work that you did was awesome it was the best work I’ve seen you do in a long time. The commonwealth bank would be really proud of you on the comp i wish your ideas came true that would be awesome. You are awesome on winning the comp you rock you are so awesome.
    From Josh Napoleons Primary School

  2. Dear Will,
    Great job on getting FIRST PLACE!!
    I got third place But I am not on the movie.
    Do you like the thing that you made?
    From Caitlyn in 2/3.:)

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