Caitlyn and Ronald.Today I had lots of fun with Ronald. I got Ronald because I did a really good job on my Mind Map. Ronald and I learned lots about doing the Mind Maps and lots of other stuff. I took him every where I went apart from out-side. He listened very well. I had so much FUN!!:)We had lots of fun together and it is my second time having Ronald and I have enjoyed all the times I have had Ronald. We are soooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky that miss Lavars has brought Ronald in.

By Caitlyn.

2 thoughts on “Learner of the day:Caitlyn

  1. Dear caitlyn,
    Welldone for getting learner of the day.
    from Jemma

  2. dear caitlyn
    good job that you got ronlad for a day it is good had

    fun with ronlad

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