The Energy Inspectors have been working very hard to ensure all members of the school community are doing their bit to save Energy! And when the Energy Inspectors say all, they mean ALL!

Yes, staff members! You may have thought you were not being included in the Energy Inspector’s Challenge this week, but starting next week, you will have your own tasks to fulfill so you can earn points too!

Here are this weeks results:

Temperature Check Grade 5/6 5 points
Random Check Grade 1/2 49 points
Rubbish Check Grade 2/3 and 4/5 12 points
Daily Check Grade 1/2 14 points
Overall Winner Grade 2/3 75 points

Congratulations to Grade 2/3. And well done to Grade 1/2 as well who have reached the highest score for the Random Check on 49 points.  Keep up the great work students and staff.

Who will win the Energy Inspection next week? Watch this space to find out!

Jemma, Jackson and Cy posting this week's results!

Jemma, Jackson and Cy posting this week's results!

6 thoughts on “Energy Inspectors

  1. Dear Miss Lavars,
    The energy club is cool. Are we going to do it next year?
    From Cy and Tilly and Miss Ward!!!!

  2. Well done Noah and the Grade 4/5 class! How is your blog going?
    Miss Lavars

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