We have been learning about transport for Integrated Studies. To start off with, we learnt how to create a Mind Map using the computer program Free Mind. We have created Energy Mind Maps using Bubblus before, so it was interesting to see the differences between the computer programs.

Here is a slideshow of our Transport Mind Maps.

Transport Mind Maps on PhotoPeach

What do you know about transport?

What questions do you have about transport?

3 thoughts on “Our Transport Mind Maps

  1. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I had fun with the transport mind maps. I finished mine.
    From Rhys

  2. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I had fun making the Transport mind maps. I liked doing the Land section. Nice talking to you.
    From Rhys

  3. Hi Rhys!
    I think everyone did a wonderful job with their Transport Mindmaps! Everyone was using the Free Mind computer program and were discovering lots of new things.
    Miss Lavars

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