The winning class of this week’s Energy Inspection is the Grade Prep/1 class! Here are the results from each category:

Temperature Check All classes 4 points
Random Check Prep/1 and 5/6 49 points
Rubbish Check Grade 2/3 9 points
Daily Check Grade Prep/1 16 points
Overall Winner Grade Prep/1 74 points

The scores for each grade were:

Prep/1 74
1/2 70
2/3 73
4/5 70
5/6 68

Congratulations to Grade Prep/1.  Keep up the great work students and staff. Who will win the Energy Inspection next week? Watch this space to find out!

We have received lots of wonderful letters in our letterbox! Please keep sending us notes, we love to read about what you think.

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