Napoleon, Rylan and Daniel

At our last Bike Education lesson the students participated in a challenge! The challenge was to see how many times you could ride around the oval. The winners from Grade 5 were Napoleons, Rylan, Daniel and Sylvia, who completed nine laps. Congratulations!

6 thoughts on “Bike Ed Champions!

  1. To the boy’s you are so good geting the pris
    from Kath

  2. Dear Napoleoln,Rylan and Daneil,
    Good job on winning the bike ed challenge!

    From Lucy

  3. Dear Daniel, Napoleon, Rylan and Sylvia,
    Well done on winning the bike ed challenge! You must be pretty quick riders none like me because I am a slow rider!

  4. Congratulations to the grade 5 bike ed challenge winners and also to the other participants who no doubt rode their best! Bike riding is one of my favourite things to do and Dale and I ride mountain bikes together whenever we get the chance. I really love riding on forest tracks to test my skills.

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