Daniel and Erin with Reuben

Happy birthday Kelvin!Daniel and Erin with Reuben
Lucy, Erin, Kristyl and Becky with Reuben

We have been working so hard this week, that on Wednesday(which was Kelvin’s birthday), Miss Lavars thought we might enjoy a special visit from her two dogs, Cooper(our class mascot – check out our Voki!) and Reuben. We had heaps of fun!

8 thoughts on “Special visitors

  1. Dear everybody,
    It was so much fun having Copper and Reuben at school!
    By Lucy

  2. Dear grade 5,

    It was so much fun having Rueben and Cooper at the school. It was the best

    From Kristyl

  3. Dear Grade 5,
    I’m so glad you had a wonderful time! I know Reuben and Cooper had a fantastic time too!
    Miss Lavars

  4. Dear Grade 5,

    Rueben is so cute! I wish I had a puppy like him!

    From Erin.

  5. Dear Miss Lavars,

    Remember when Thomas hypnotized me with the ring in front of your dogs? From Daniel.

  6. Hi Daniel!
    They are both behaving well at the moment! Well, actually one of them got into the bin this morning so I wasn’t very happy about that!
    Miss Lavars ūüôā

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