Angel of Kokoda


Today at 10.45am we had an ANZAC Day Ceremony to remember the ANZACS. We then read ‘Angel of Kokoda’ as a class. It was a very sad story about a boy in Papua New Guinea who travelled along the Kokoda Trail with a young Australian soldier.

What do you think is important about ANZAC Day?

4 thoughts on “Angel of Kokoda

  1. Dear grade 5

    something important about Anzac day is to remember the people who sacrificed their life to protect our country

    From Kristyl

  2. That’s right Kristyl, it’s very important.
    Miss Lavars

  3. Dear Grade 5,

    ANZAC day is when you help celebrate with famliys that had someone in their famliy who went and fort for our county.

    From Erin

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