9 thoughts on “Persuasive Writing

  1. Well done everyone! I really like to see our native animals free in their natural habitat when I’m hiking or camping in the bush. Once a possum ate some food scraps left right outside my tent and I was able to peak out and see it. And it makes me really sad when I hear of animals being mistreated.

    PS: It was a little hard to hear some of your voices over the background music. You might need to use bigger voices next time.

  2. Hi Darren!
    Thanks for the compliment we appreciate that and we will work on our voices to make them a bit louder. Did you enjoy it? Hope you did! Thanks for watching it!

  3. Dear grade 5,

    Great job Daneil and lucy! I hope you and lucy can do another one soon!

    from Erin

  4. Dear Everyone,
    This is the Napoleons news about the persuasive text from every single draft about keeping animals in cages.

  5. Dear Grade 5

    Magnificent persuasive texts!

    From Kristyl

  6. Dear Mrs Page,
    Are you loving it. It’s about the persuasive text why it’s cruel to keep animals in cages,
    From Daniel.

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