During our Soundwaves lesson today, we came across a problem that Miss Lavars even had trouble solving! Can anyone help us?

Fill in the missing letters to figure out what animal this is:


The first person to figure out the answer wins TEN stickers!


10 thoughts on “Another challenge!

  1. Dear Grade 5,

    I think the word is moth.

    From Kristyl

  2. Dear Miss Lavars,
    The word is
    Boto a Amazon dolphin.
    From Lucy!

  3. Dear Miss Lavars,
    Actually, it ends up being easy
    The word is:

  4. What a great effort everyone! I think I’ll have to give out a few stickers for these wonderful responses! Well done!
    Miss Lavars ūüôā

  5. Well done Ella! The word is ‘moth’. You must come and see me to collect a special prize!

  6. Dear Miss Lavars and Mrs Page,
    The answer is moth!
    get it now Miss Lavars?
    From Daniel

  7. Well done Daniel! You must be clever!
    Miss Lavars

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