A reminder to all students to join in on our Studio 5 challenges each week! You can earn stars towards a bronze, silver or gold membership with fantastic rewards and prizes!

You can find Studio 5 on the Ultranet, in Collaborative Learning Spaces, in the Napoleons Primary School Senior Learning Unit. Then click on the ‘Studio 5’ tab, and you can begin! Don’t forget our chat room where you can talk to other members of our Collaborative Learning Space!

Studio 5!

6 thoughts on “Studio 5!

  1. I love the Ultranet!
    It is so much FUN!

    From Lucy

  2. Dear Mrs Page,
    Have you been on the Ultranet? I’ve been on it lots.
    From Daniel.

  3. Hi Daniel!
    No I wasn’t! ūüôĀ Sorry. Were you having fun? Was anyone else in there?
    Miss Lavars. ūüôā

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