Today Daniel was very clever and made an iMovie all by himself using one of the iPads! It was an iMovie about a special visitor in our classroom today.


Napoleons from Gabrielle Lavars on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “A special visitor!

  1. Hello Everyone!
    This is the real Napoleons news at School! A special visitor is Matilda, from another School.

    From Daniel the news reporter

  2. Dear Daniel the reporter,
    Great Job on the Napoleons News!
    Sorry I couldn’t come to school I had to go somewhere!

  3. Hi Daniel the News Reporter,
    What a great video! You were lucky to have a special visitor at school yesterday. I can’t wait to watch more of your news videos! Have a great long weekend!
    From Miss Stapleton ūüôā

  4. Dear Noah,
    Why couldn’t you come to School before the long weekend? where have you been?
    From Daniel.

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