On Wednesday, the Grade fours, fives and sixes travelled to the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery for an excursion! They had a wonderful time.

Grade fives, did you have fun at the Art Link Excursion?




7 thoughts on “Art Link Excursion

  1. Dear Darren,

    I agree, They were great.we spent an hour on them. there was already some buildings and roads on them when we arrived there though.

    From Kristyl

  2. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I love this place because it’s got stuff made of paper.

    From Daniel

  3. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I loved art link. Ben and I made a huge MCG!
    From Noah.
    PS: I wrote this on an iPad!

  4. Hi Noah!
    Did you really write this on an iPad? Wow, you’ll have to give me a lesson!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the Art Link Excursion – I wish I could have come along!
    Hope you’re enjoying your holidays!
    Miss Lavars ūüôā

  5. That’s great Daniel! I wish I got to come along too!
    Miss Lavars.

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