Noah is this weeks Celebrity of the Week, for introducing the class to Jib Jab! Thank you Noah!

Noah – Celebrity of the Week on PhotoPeach

6 thoughts on “Noah – Celebrity of the Week!

  1. Congrats to Noah on being the Celebrity of the Week. I always knew your talent. So glad others get to experience it too!!

  2. Dear Ms Lavars and Grade 5 class

    I heard this on the radio today. You are able to write your own add to promote bicycle safety and if your add gets chosen, you get to make your add (audio only) to be played on the radio!!! Get to it you wonderful and talented Grade 5’s. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

    You can find the details here:

    Mrs Noah

  3. Dear Noah,
    I’m in this as well and good job for being a Celebrity of the week. Remember leave comments for my celebrity of the week slide show if you click older entries Understand?

    PS I hope you do the same as my new Napoleons news video.

  4. Hello Mrs Noah,
    I believe we are going to enter this competition! It looks fantastic and what a great cause. Knowing how creative this Grade 5 class is, I have no doubt they will come up with some wonderful adds! Thanks for sharing your great idea.
    Miss Lavars.

  5. I agree – Noah is VERY talented! He is always teaching me new and amazing things!
    Miss Lavars.

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