10 thoughts on “Our Camp Glogsters

  1. I really like all thelogsters but I think daniel’sis the best
    from Napoleon

  2. Hey everyone!
    I lve all these Glogs especially Daniel’s becase it is so creative and he has written lots of text! Great going, Daniel!

  3. Hi Miss Lavars,
    I’ve been looking at the wonderful glogsters and there awesome!!!
    But there is on problem. I was planing to finish mine at home but my password is not working!! I wrote down my password in a book and it was all correct!! Miss Lavars would you please help me somehow?!!!

    :C Isabelle.

  4. Dear Miss Lavars,
    Good news!!!! After trying several times my password finally worked!!! The weird thing is that I never changed anything! Anyway I will let you know when I’ve finished my glog!

    😀 Isabelle.

  5. Dear Miss Lavars,
    More good news!!! I have finished my glogster! I have added some music too!! It looks great!!!

    😀 Isabelle.

  6. The Glogsters are great! I’m about to put the rest up now!

  7. Hi Isabelle,
    I am so glad you got it sorted it out. I am about to put the rest of the glogsters up right now! Enjoy!
    Miss L

  8. Dear Grade 5,

    All the Glogsters are amazing! I wish could have made one.

    From Erin

    🙂 😉

  9. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create Erin! Let me know when you have made one and we can publish it on our blog!
    Miss L

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