Great times with gloves!

In Science, we are learning about materials. We have learnt about what an object is(something you can pick up), what material is(what an object is made of) and what properties are(the qualities something has).
To explore this further, Miss Lavars had a box filled with many gloves. But were they all the same? NO!

How can this be?
Well, all of the gloves looked different. They felt different. They even smelt different…. so we explored this further.

The gloves were made of different materials, which served different purposes. Some gloves even had more than one type of material. Interesting! We closely analysed  a variety of gloves and their make-up. 

What do you know about objects, materials and properties?

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  1. to miss Lavars,
    the gloves activity was so fun!

    from Tilly ;P 🙂 :O 😛 :S 😀 :J :C 🙁

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