In Science, where we are learning about how bodies work, we are exploring how fascinating our hearts are!

We listened to each others hearts with stethoscopes.

Then, we each got a marshmallow and a toothpick. We stuck the toothpick in the marshmallow, and put the marshmallow on our wrist(with our palm facing upwards).









If  we were still and quiet enough, we could see the toothpick twitch everytime our heart would beat. This is because every time our heart beats, it pushes the blood through our body, making the toothpick twitch.

Then we decided to experiment – we ran on the spot for 30 seconds. Then we repeated the experiment. And sure enough, the toothpick moved more quickly, because our hearts were pumping our blood around our bodies faster.

Then we relaxed and didn’t move for about 30 seconds. And. as we predicted, the movement of the toothpick went much more slowly.

What else do you know about the human heart?

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