For Mothers Day this year, Mrs McKay thought of a wonderful idea to make our cards.

We would colour in a teapot to make the card. Then we would add a little pocket, and have a tea bag sitting in it, for our mothers or special ones to enjoy!

What do you think? Don’t they look tea-riffic?

7 thoughts on “You’re tea-riffic!

  1. Dear Miss Lavars,

    My mum said she’s going to put her jewelry in it and she said she was
    very spoiled!

    From Aimee

  2. Dear Miss Lavars,
    My Mum loved it! She thought it was TEA-RIFFIC!
    From Caitlyn

  3. That’s great Aimee! I’m sure you spoilt her rotten on Mother’s Day too!
    Miss L ūüôā

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