Our Walkathon is coming up soon, to be held on June the 19th. It is also Grandparents Day as well, so it will be a fun filled day for all!

Hopefully you are starting to get the names of some sponsors – don’t forget there will be prizes for the most money raised!

The theme this year is ‘characters’. What character will you dress up as? And what character do you think Miss Lavars should dress up as?


4 thoughts on “Walkathon 2013.

  1. I don’t have any sponsors yet!
    From Noah.
    P.S You should dress up as the wicked witch from the
    Wizard of Oz!!!!!!! Really suits you.

  2. Oh my goodness Noah, I wouldn’t want to give away my secret!

  3. Wow Grade 4/5! The Walk-A-thon was so
    fun and i hope that EVEYONE enjoyed it
    and im sure that everyOne (Well Hopefully)
    becaus ei had a great time and congratulations
    Ella and Rhys for wining best dressed in 4/5!! Well Done

    From Zoe Watts 5/6.
    P.S. I really really LOVED both of your costumes
    Miss Lavars and Sophie! they were great. Well of
    coarse i liked all of your costumes but you were both
    matching with the costumes!!!! funny funny funny.

  4. Dear Miss Lavars I had fun at the walkathon my nan and pa came I dressed up as lady gaga I won best dressed girl of 4/5. did you have fun?

    from Ella.

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