Click on this link here! Miss Lavars will come around and enter in a password for you to complete the activity. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Earth Rotation Lesson!

  1. Dear everybody

    I really liked the quiz except it was a little easy

    From William the jedi master

  2. Dear Everyone,
    That was fun! But it was a bit easy!
    From Abby

  3. Dear Miss Lavers,

    Today I learn’t that half of Antartica is always half is night and the other is daytime!
    Iworked with Kath.

    From Aimee

  4. Dear Miss Lavars and class,
    The space activity was really fun!
    from Jackson And Tilly

  5. That was cool. We got most of the answers right.
    It was good and helped us learn a bit more.
    From Noah and Daniel.

  6. Dear Miss Lavars,
    The space activity was really fun!! I enjoyed it.
    I leant a lot more about space!

    From Erin! ūüôā :!

  7. hi Miss Lavars,

    the game was sooo fun but some levels were hard to answer but the rest of the questions were too easy.

    from Sammy and Kelvin!

  8. Today I learnt that the earth tacks 24 hours to rotae around

  9. We learnt alot today for a piece of A4 Paper and a cheese monkey!
    Signing out monkey and paper! :O

  10. Hey miss Lavars
    that was really interesting and we both really enjoyed it we hope you give us more activities like it.
    :0 ūüôā ūüėČ :p :Q random emotacons

  11. it was fun and i learnt that the earth orbits around the sun

  12. Fantastic work guys! I thought you all did a great job. I hope you enjoyed it!
    Miss L

  13. Dear Miss Lavars,
    I really enjoy space activity.
    Thank you for great lesson!!!

    From Minh Chau

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