In Maths, we are learning about how to read and create maps.

As a class, we drew a birds eye view of the classroom. We talked about using a scale and compass directions.

Then we got to create our own maps. First we thought we would create a map of our bedrooms at home. But then we thought – lets create our DREAM bedrooms! It was alot of fun!

What would you have in your dream bedroom?

3 thoughts on “Our Dream Bedrooms!

  1. Dear Chloe,
    Nice map of your bedroom. how big do you think your bedroom is? Do you think it’s the biggest in the class?

    From Rhys

  2. Dear miss Lavars,
    I think everyone did an

    from Ella

  3. Hi Miss Lavars

    in myn i was rich gold walls diamond and ruby table a limo a lamboginnie
    and king bed and plasma tv

    From JacksonS

    p.s i do have a king bed

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