To explore plant life cycles, we made our own ‘baggie gardens’.

To do this, we needed a ziplock bag, paper towel and seeds. We got radish and grass seeds.

We soaked our paper towel, sprinkled our seeds on the towel in the ziplock bag and Miss Lavars taped them onto our window.

Do you think they will grow? Check back in for an update later this term!20150224-192852.jpg

2 thoughts on “Plant Life Cycles.

  1. Hi Mrs Jones,
    I thought the plant life cycles were amazing fun so does cayla you are so cool
    From Kath and Cayla.!!!!!

  2. Dear Gabrielle Lavars,
    I really like the creativity and neatness of your class blog. It is so cool! Keep up the good work!
    SIncerely, Jacey M.

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