To make our Symmetrical Name Aliens, we folded our A4 paper in half. We wrote our name across the crease, then copied it so it reflected onto the other side.
Our challenge was to then turn our name into an alien! What do you think? Can you read the names?



3 thoughts on “Symmetrical Name Aliens!

  1. Your pictures were fantastic but you did not write much about the pictures. Please write more. The aliens are really unique. What are the aliens for?

  2. Hello Mrs Lavars
    I think you shoudnot spend so much time on perfection so we can see your names but other than that you did a good job on everything else so donot listen to people who say its horrible.

  3. Ms Lavars’ class you did an amazing job on your art.We had trouble finding your names we only found a couple of names though.From Zoe and Megan.

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