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  1. Dear miss l What are you doing for the hollidays? Well do you know what why don’t I tell you what I’m doing first. I’m going fishing with my mum and dad for a hole day. the best bit is that we are going to sovrin hill. At sovrin hill I’m going to ask Mum if we can go into the sweet shop.(I’m going to youe’s my sooky voice so I can go in the sweet shop). Know what are you doing?

  2. Hi Ethan!
    I have been doing housework and looking after the dogs so far! Wow, it sounds like you will have a fantastic holiday! But don’t you dare use your sooky voice ūüėČ
    Miss L

  3. Dear Miss Lavars,
    these links are really handy we can go on things like our wikiispaces really easily .

    from Ella and Jayden

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